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Preventive Maintenance, Calibration & Adjustment Services

For over 60 years Eppendorf has been an innovator and leading provider of liquid handling systems, which include pipetting devices and consumables. This total approach philosophy extends beyond products to our quality pipette calibration, certification, maintenance and repair services – for all major brands of pipettes – not just our own. We offer a range of service options from basic calibration at an economical price to GLP/GMP custom-designed calibration services. Precision and accuracy of the pipettes are important for the quality of all your work results. Regular maintenance and calibration by Eppendorf assures a consistent result quality.

A Wellness Treat for Your Pipette – Eppendorf Pipette Service Video

Mail-in Pipette Calibration and Repair Service Overview

Thank you for your interest in our mail-in pipette calibration and repair services. Eppendorf strives to provide the highest quality Pipette Calibration Service and as your Liquid Handling Expert Partner, we have improved our service products toward ensuring instrument reliability together with meeting quality and regulatory requirements, ISO 17025 (scope and certificate) and/or ISO 8655 compliance. More information about our pipette calibration services can be found here.
Sending in your pipettes to our calibration and repair service center is fast and easy.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Request a Service Number

Send an email to with ‘Service Request’ in the subject line and include the following in the message body:

  • Your complete contact information, with shipping and billing address
  • Form of payment
  • Brief description of pipette service requested

A Service Number will be provided to you within 24h. If email is unavailable, you may also call us at 800-263-8715, Option 2 to request a Service Number – please have the above information ready.
You may use a purchase order number or credit card for payment. If your pipette service requires additional repairs/parts, an estimated cost for your service will be provided for your approval prior to service completion and subsequent invoicing.

2. Download and complete our Pipette Service Authorization Form and Decontamination Form.

3. Pack and ship your pipettes.

Pack your pipettes securely to ensure that they do not get damaged during shipping. Enclose one copy of the completed Pipette Service Authorization Form plus the Decontamination Form, and retain another copy for your records. Ship to the address below with your Service Number clearly marked on the shipping label or outside the package. 

Eppendorf Pipette Service
Service #________
2810 Argentia Rd, Unit 2
Mississauga, ON L5N 8L2